A site for assorted reviews and comments either my own or from others.   I am always trying to get visuals into the site but don’t always have suitable available.

I am toying with fiction but have no intention of putting down any magnus opus. Mostly because I havent got one and it would take too long to type.  Did consider that if I did write something over thousands of words it would have to be in separate ‘blog’ pages over time.  If a novel, it would have to be written with the ending in the first blog and in complete reverse order so that the last blog to appear would actually be the starting point.  Then decided it has been done before or would be completely incomprehensible.  In which case it sounds like a winner!

My stuff is my copyright, anything by other brave souls remains their copyright.  Items originated as ‘wordparc’ and ‘poetryparc’ is ‘wordparc’ and ‘poetryparc’ copyright.  If items published here first then please request to wordparc or poetryparc before re-publishing and give site acknowledgement (yes, it is standard practice).

This is a fun (for me at least) site and no harm etc. intended.   For readers Leisure, Pleasure and Information.   How many bases do I cover with this?  Can I stop now?  Enjoy!


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