Emotions, Learning, and the Brain

Emotions, Learning, and the Brain:     Exploring the Educational Implications of Affective Neuroscience


Mary Helen  Immordino-Yang.

Hardback,  £25.50.  Published by Norton.   978 0 393 70981 0


Starting with a forward and acknowledgements seemed a little wearisome but it did give a satisfying insight into the thoroughness of the author’s career and research into the contents of this slightly daunting book for the likes of me, an interested non-academic.  What pleasure there was in reading that along with a lengthy string of mentors, researchers, co-workers and teachers, plus her own teaching career; she was also helped by friends and family, (non-neuroscientists) in reading and discussing the ‘essays’ amidst non-academic settings such as ‘accompanied by energetic children and delicious food’.

This and the sheer energy and consideration obvious in the first few pages encouraged this reader to reach the actual ‘Introduction: Why Emotions are Integral to Learning’.  And by the second page I was determined to read the whole book.  With a brief classroom example and a note on scientific advances, it seems the we cannot learn without involving emotional connections within the brain…… you have to be interested!     Not really a mind-blowing sentence from me but explained clearly by Mary-Helen in a way that ticked the “need to know more” boxes.

Yes, its American, and no harm in that for the UK or any world reader.  No complaint about huge depth of research except maybe all the initially looks to be USA……nope, havent checked it out yet so I may be wrong.  There seems a huge amount of bibliographical references so it has been a huge project to complete and be the most up to date

I intend to finish and review this title for ‘Graph Review’ section but it may take a while so I throw it to you as one to consider for yourselves.