In the world of mash-ups:

Who would win if Paddington Bear got into a fight with Winnie the Pooh?        No contest!

More idle(sad) thoughts that got away:

Peter and the Woolf

Nietzsche on the Bare Mountain

A Touch of Robert Frost

Chandlers Liszt

Orff in the Underworld

Orwell that ends Wells

Across the River and into the Trees, by Chopin

Blyton Beach

Gurney’s End

Whistler down the wind

Jung, Freud and Singer

Waugh and Peace

Tolstoy, Tolstoy2, Tolstoy3

The 39 Steppenwolfs

The Green Green Grass of Hulme

Three Men in Das Boot

Ring of Bright Water by Wagner

Tolkien a Mocking Bird

Then you either get bored or frustrated and just wander off and read a book about ‘Tarmac in the Jungle’